Pearls,Dresses,& Tables


Is it possible for Humanity to live in peace?
History since ancient times seems to prove the contrary.
Let’s then Hope for Peace!
Green is the colour of Hope and white the colour of Peace

Green and white dishes, delicate “rice grain” small bowls, crystals, silver.
A curious white pot and two cups are placed on one side, while on the opposite an Art Nouveau decanter sits on a silver dish.

Spring flowers float on a glass “pond” while a 40’s horse grazes so peacefully, that a butterfly has alighted on his rump.

We can always hope, can’t we…..?


First of all I love Japan, my home for many years, Japanese classical literature and arts, Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki, even Rakugo, Ikebana, Chado, architecture and everything that is “old Japan” I love animals, Nature and Ecology. Then, music, all types of dance, theater, cinema and acting。. Art in general, photography, traveling, books, antiques and history. Also I love fashion and styling, which I do for myself and sometimes for friends. Getting dressed every day is a pleasure! And now we arrive at…Table Setting,. my favorite hobby Yes, a beautiful table, can enhance a good meal or, if you are not a good cook, it can, at least, make it pleasant! I will be showing, some of my settings and perhaps my fashion styling, hoping to provide a bit of inspiration for you.